Feb 13, 2009

One Week Til Memphis

Hey Y'all! Jessa and I are gearing up for the trek to Memphis on Wednesday! (Hence me practicing my greeting with you). We've been invited to perform on Friday night at the ASCAP showcase as part of the 2009 International Folk Alliance Conference. We open the show, which begins at 6:00 - and are followed by musicians from Los Angeles to Galway, Ireland. Jessa and I will play an acoustic set of songs from our debut album as well as two new songs which we are currently recording. We've been laying down tracks for a new record - due later this year on Cordless Recordings.

Joining us on the drive south is Anais Mitchell - check her out online here

We hope you will stop by if you are attending the conference and look forward to meeting you. 


1 comment:

Don said...

What a treat it was to discover your music on OurStage.com! Although there is a wealth of wonderfully talented musicians to be found there, your music stands out and is certainly deserving of wider exposure. The lovely interplay between harp and guitar overlaid by your angelic voices compliment your songwriting abilities which reflect a maturity beyond your tender years. I look forward to tracking your career. As your musicianship grows and develops you will undoubtedly bring pleasure to untold thousands of listeners. Keep up the good work and best of luck in Memphis! I look forward to seeing a live performance if ever you make it to the midwest.