Aug 15, 2008

The Callen Sisters' Sophomore Album - Planning Stages

Hello all,

I know it's been awhile, but my sister and I have been up to no good - and by that assertion I mean that we've been writing our follow-up album to our debut. I am very, very close to being done with all the writing for this record!! (yaaaaaay!) I have a total of 11 songs, 9 of which I plan to record, and 6 of which will most likely (cross fingers) end up on this next recording.

This week I'm dog sitting for our drummer, Dave. He has a very sweet Australian Shepherd mix named Leia, and she and I have become quite good friends. Dave also happens to have a piano, which I find myself seriously lacking in daily life. Because of this easy access to a keyed instrument, and perhaps because of the lack of responsibility to tend to my own home - and let's not neglect to mention the amount of beer I have been consuming - I finished a track I was having a lot of difficulty with. It was mainly the lyrics that were perplexing. I had two lines that just would NOT come. No amount of coaxing was doing the job. It's a funny thing, lyrics. I don't know why they take so long for me sometimes. I suppose it's because I base a lot of what I write on actual experience...even if that is exposure to someone else's experience.

Whew!!! I feel as if I have been 'talking' a lot... so I will bid you adieu. Keep your eyes and ears alert, as we will post more on the recording progress (and other exciting news that you will have to join the newsletter to experience).

Love and Peace,


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