Apr 12, 2010

Busking in Brooklyn

This weekend Jessa and I packed up our gear and headed to Brooklyn to busk at an outdoor farmers market in McCarren Park. Although summer-like days were bookends to Saturday's performance, it was a chilly 45 or so and cloudy when we began playing (should have worn my fingerless gloves!)

The cold weather did not, however, stop people from enjoying the day outdoors. Young families wandered the market with their children, who were mesmerized at the sight of a harp and guitar. We met musicians, social activists, fruit farmers (selling a dozen different kinds of apples) and some passionate dog owners out enjoying the afternoon sun. Among my favorite neighborhoods in Brooklyn, Williamsburg and Greenpoint have a strong sense of community, beautiful parks, an artistic flair, and a sense of peace and quiet not easily found over the bridge in Manhattan.

After our market outing, I am now beginning a portable garden. Our "next tent neighbor" was selling a "garden in a bag," a simple portable gardening system for sprouting different seed blends. Sprouts are really easy to grow in the cramped comfort of a one bedroom apartment (yay, city dwellers!) and are more nutritious than their adult counterparts. I tried a sample of the sprouts with some delicious peanut sauce and bought the garden bag right away (I'll let you know how it comes out).

If you've never been to a farmer's market before (and why not, they are awesome!) visit LocalHarvest.org or another community website and find one. Buying local supports the economy of your community and is better for the environment.