Aug 25, 2006

New Song Posted!

A demo version of the track "Irrelevant" from our upcoming release is now available on MySpace and The Callen Sisters website. The track was written by Jessa, our in-house "rock harpist." We are planning to release 2 singles before the album release, "Anomie," (by yours truly), and "Irrelevant." Stay tuned for dates!

~ Beth

The Callen Sisters' Band Debut

The Callen Sisters performed with a band for the first time in NYC this past Tuesday, August 22nd at Kenny's Castaways for a 7:00 show. A large crowd arrived for the performance, one spectator commenting that the act was "intriguing and genuine" and pleasantly surprised that "the harp is actually part of the band, not a novelty!" The instrumentation included the Callens' voices and their harp and guitar, along with Dan Castellani on keyboards, Chris Anderson on bass, and Dave Gluck on drums. The band performed songs off the upcoming album, scheduled for release at the end of 2006. "We had so much fun!" Jessa Callen commented after the show, "We definitely want to play with the band more. It brings so much more energy to the performance!" The Callen Sisters' next show will be on September 18th at Sin-e. The show starts at 7pm, and the sisters will be on at 8.

Aug 10, 2006

Jessa Struts her Classical Chops at Mo Pitkin's

The Callen Sisters' very own Jessa Callen showed off her Classical side at an event hosted by The Orchard at Mo Pitkin's House of Satisfaction in NYC on July 5, 2006. Jessa entertained guests as an 'opener' for featured performer Ana Vidovic, one of the world's most accomplished classical guitar virtuosos. Jessa performed songs from her eclectic reperotoire, including Celtic and Classical harp favorites, for an hour-long happy hour prior to the show.

Jessa will be performing next at Kenny's Castaways, 157 Bleecker St, NYC on August 22 with her group, The Callen Sisters. She will be accompanied by an accomplished crew of musicians, including Dan Castellani of Slice Records on keyboards, Chris Anderson on bass, Rhythm and Brass' Dave Gluck on drums, and her sister, Beth Callen on guitar and vocals. To read more about the show, please visit The Callen Sisters website.

Aug 8, 2006

Dan Castellani, Slice Records Production House

The subject of this post is the ever-creative, ever-versatile, man of many music-related trades, Dan Castellani. Dan is producing our debut album (as yet untitled). You could safely say that he helps make magic happen. In addition to being a phenomenal pianist and bassist, Dan's studio work is creative, intelligent, and plainly: good.

Dan is currently forming a network of musicians, audio engineers, writers, and fellow companies under his Production house, Slice Records. The production house can offer services such as: recording, mixing, and engineering; lessons in the art of digital recording; lessons on just about any instrument including harp, bass, piano, guitar and voice; musicians to play live or in the studio; and many other music 'solutions.'

Visit Slice Records Production House for all the details.