Oct 8, 2009

Currently Listening To ...

Father Lucifer by Tori Amos.

The track is from Boys for Pele. This song reminds me so much of London. It was impossible to ever be sad while singing in my head "Nothing's gonna stop me from flo-o-o-o-ating." I love the piano part and the beautiful sparse arrangement - - - especially the addition of trumpet (yea James Watson!). What lovely colors!

Jun 22, 2009

The Tale of Molten Java and My Shower Curtain

This past weekend we played a show at this sweet little coffehouse called Molten Java in Bethel, CT. Upon entering their restroom, to my delight, I discovered that the curtain hanging from the ceiling, whose job it was to conceal cleaning supplies (I think that's what it was hiding, although I didn't even sneak a peak behind it), was a twin to my very own shower curtain! See image below for visual reference. Exciting, yes, I know. ;-)

Mar 17, 2009

Hudson Valley Concert Series

Join us for a concert with our full band in April:

We will be joined by David Gluck on drums, Dan Castellani on keyboards (and perhaps accordion??) and Chris Anderson on bass. Wine and light refreshments will be served before the performance and during a post-performance reception.

Feb 13, 2009

One Week Til Memphis

Hey Y'all! Jessa and I are gearing up for the trek to Memphis on Wednesday! (Hence me practicing my greeting with you). We've been invited to perform on Friday night at the ASCAP showcase as part of the 2009 International Folk Alliance Conference. We open the show, which begins at 6:00 - and are followed by musicians from Los Angeles to Galway, Ireland. Jessa and I will play an acoustic set of songs from our debut album as well as two new songs which we are currently recording. We've been laying down tracks for a new record - due later this year on Cordless Recordings.

Joining us on the drive south is Anais Mitchell - check her out online here

We hope you will stop by if you are attending the conference and look forward to meeting you. 


Jan 16, 2009

Airplane in the Hudson River

Yesterday I drove into NYC and brought my Taylor to get repaired at 30th Street guitars. Little did I know, just a couple hours later, a commercial airline plane would be making a crash landing in the Hudson River! It is a miracle that everyone walked away alive, and a testament to the pilot's skill. One of the really touching aspects of the whole event was how many different people, who did not know each other, came together to rescue the passengers. Ferry boats and water taxis, filled with tourists and sightseers, rushed in to help immediately. The bravery and compassion that these New Yorkers showed makes me proud to call this city home.