May 25, 2007

Photos for our record with Merri Cyr

In a few weeks, Jessa and I will head into the studio, this time the photography studio, to take photos for our upcoming record! We will be working with critically acclaimed photographer Merri Cyr, who has done album covers for such luminaries as Yo Yo Ma, Paula Cole, and Jeff Buckley (including the cover of Grace, one of my favorite albums musically and photographically!), to name a few. View her lovely work here:

Although we'll be taking a break for the month of June, we hope to see you all again soon! Stay tuned for album release info!! (we are so excited)




May 22, 2007

New Track Posted!

Jessa and I posted a new track from our upcoming album! This one was penned by yours's called Anomie. A comment on the social state of our present culture, it touches on the themes of disillusionment, alienation, and anxiety.

Let us know what you think!

Listen to Anomie on myspace:
or at our home: