Sep 12, 2008

Studio Time

Hello kids. It's an exciting time of year, what with all the school busses back on the roads, and we have good news for you. We started production on our sophomore album! Woo! At band rehearsal this past Wednesday we ran through two of the new tunes and started getting ideas for arrangements. If you are in southern NY on September 25, come by and give them a listen at Purchase College. We're playing an alumni concert with Abby Payne. This particular concert is going to be really fun because Dan is going to rock the accordion and Chris will man the upright bass.

These photos are from one of our demo recording sessions. Jessa keeps her harpy downstairs, and when we record, she and Dan get the exciting task of lugging it upstairs (that are slightly too short to fit any large items up them).

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Jake said...

The Callen sisters get me all hot n' bothered