Jun 1, 2007

Little Musical Snapshots

There's this funny lag time between writing a song, presenting it to the musicians you play with, recording it, and releasing it. It's really kind of strange. It makes me see how the songs I've written are really like little musical snapshots. The songs on our first record (still unreleased - I'm so sorrryyyyyyy and I can't wait until it is!) were written nearly two years ago or more. "Like you" was probably written when I was only 19 or 20 years old. Anyway, thing is, this first record hasn't even been released yet and I already have six or more songs/song sketches for the next recording.

The nice part about songs, unlike clothes, though, is that I find that I don't grow out of them. They don't become tired or ragged, no matter how many times we play them. They are sweet little reminders of where I've been and how much I've grown.


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