Oct 17, 2006

New Site, Taking a break...Poland?

Finally the new site is up...songs, photos and all! After several full days slaving away at my computer... color changes, font changes, layout changes, etc. later... I can finally say that it is in working order. That doesn't necessarily mean it's finished by any means. I am always in the process of editing and trying to make things perfect. (Deep breath...and let go.) ;-)

Jessa and I are taking a break from performing for the rest of this month and next to record and find a new place to live. Yes, we are moving in together, which could prove to be a very volatile situation. ! Luckily Dan is moving in, too... should make an interesting tricycle of human interaction.

Do you ever get really excited about a plan-to-be that ends up falling through? I am the queen of this heartwrenching experience...so not to get my hopes up... but Jess and I have been asked to open for a band that is touring in Poland. Everything is very up-in-the-air...cross fingers ;-) I'll keep you posted.

If you haven't seen the new site... click here to see it in all its splendor and glory.

talk soon.


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